Prophetic Art

Prophetic art is a pure expression of love for our Father that is open for anyone who wants to worship and praise through painting, drawing or any other creative outlet on paper or canvas. In showing our love to Him through art, He loves us back by opening eyes to the vision of heaven and allowing us to see what He is doing and saying, as well as encouraging, healing, and setting captives free! Our Heavenly Daddy placed specific creative gifts in each one of His children for His glory and honor and we encourage all who have a desire to show love to Father God, through art, to do so! For more information, contact Allie Killian

Flags & Banners

At the Ark we use lots of flags and banners in prayer, praise, and worship. We are often asked about the purpose and significance of the flags. The Bible uses the words flag, standard and banner interchangeably. The Hebrew word degel is translated “as, a flag or banner or standard.” Degel comes from the Hebrew root word dagal, meaning “to flaunt, i.e. raise a flag; to be conspicuous, setting up with banners.” Standard is defined as “a banner used as an emblem, marker or rallying point; an ensign; military or personal flag.”

Flags are used to change the atmosphere and open the heavens for the Glory of God. When we wave the flags, there is a supernatural shift in the atmosphere; the heavens are opened and our enemies are defeated.

Visit for more information or to order flags & banners

Prophetic Dance

Prophetic dance as a high priority in our worship. Just as the worship leader or pastor has importance, so does the people of the dance. Many people overlook the dance aspect of worship, thinking that a clap or raising the hands is the perfect picture of respectable worship; Ecclesiastes tells us that there is a time for everything, but since our Father has called us to be childlike, there is a time to dance, to be free as children like we all once were. Prophetic dance is a direct portrayal of the heartbeat of the Father that is seen with the human eye. It brings freedom not only for you but also for others. It can speak what the Lord is saying to his Bride, convey what the Bride is saying to the Lord, or act out what is happening in the Spirit. The Lord works through dance in numerous ways, as well. By stepping out in faith and our eyes fixed on His, away from fear and a performance mindset, God can bring healing, salvation, victory, deliverance, and freedom through our movements, making a physical declaration with our bodies; the Word tells us to speak of the nonexistent things that He has foretold and promised as if they already existed. (Romans 4:17)

The enemy has twisted the importance and the way that believers perceive the dance in many ways through things we have seen or heard of that don’t glorify our Maker, but, in fact, there are actually more commands to dance in the Bible than there are to clap our hands! That truth in itself brings to light the importance of dance to our Papa and how much we, as the Body, have had a twisted and contorted view of where dance should be placed in worship, whether it’s in a gathering or during our relational time alone with the Lord. Just as dance is beautiful to the human eye, we were made in the likeness of our Father. We cannot fathom how much more dance completely ravishes the heart of our Maker!

Fervant Prayer

We believe that prayer is a vital and key component to both individual and social transformation. The Merriam-Webster definition of Fervent is – “Very hot; exhibiting or marked by great intensity of feelings; zealous.” Fervency is not hype and cannot be faked; rather, it is true faith manifested in passionate prayer and holy living. Fervent prayer ended the droughts of Elijah’s day, saved the people of Esther’s day, defeated the enemies of Israel in King Jehoshaphat’s day, and kept Jesus in the perfect will of The Father in the Garden of Gethsemane. These are only a handful of the colossal victories the saints of God have won through fervent prayer.

One of the core values at the Ark Ministries is Fervent Prayer” Jesus, when speaking of how His Church should be identified, said, “My house shall be called a house of prayer.” In James 5:16 we read, “The effectual, earnest, and fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”

We are dedicated to cultivating a community that overflows with real and passionate faith and is focused on bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth through righteous living and fervent prayer.